Rahman cattle farm started in 2008 and from then onwards it is producing high quality cattle in Karachi Mandi. It is located in Rahim yaar khan where you can find the most healthy and beautiful animals from all over Pakistan. Here we provide the pure desi environment to the animals with fresh water and healthy food. This farm is one of its kind where all the animals from different breeds are brought from different   parts of the country and specially taken care solely for the purpose of Quarbani. Rahman Cattle farm is the most leading farm in Rahim yaar khan where special measures are taken regarding the health of the animals. All the animals are vaccinated according to the requirements and that is the reason that all of them are healthy .we make sure that proper hygienic environment is provided to the cattle so that there is hardly any chance of viral/bacterial break outs. We pamper our cattle, with electric fans, exhaust fans, covered shades , water cooler and stand by generators. Not only this the water system is also highly equipped with modern technology. In addition to this our cattle feed on specially grown grass in Rahman cattle Farm. All the food given to the animals base on Halal items as we do not believe in artificial weight gainers.

With the support and prayers of our dear friends and customers Rahman cattle farm has a wide range of quality animals and hopefully we will keep producing more variety in the coming years. We give our maximum effort to satisfy our customers.

Rahman Cattle Farm


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